The Corpus

The GENTT Corpus management system is a tool created within the project Textual Genres for Translation. It has evolved from a closed intranet (see Jennings, S. [2003]: The Development of Software Tools for Corpus-Based Genre Research in Translation Studies: A Practical Application in the Context of the Gentt Project [research work], Castellón de la Plana, Department of Translation and Communication Studies, Universidad Jaume I), to a computer application based on a Web 2.0 platform, that enhances collaborative work with entire documents.

GENTT management tool permits to feed and exploit a textual Corpus in a cooperative and  personalized way. As it is an open, flexible and cooperative system, users of the GENTT Corpus can create and design their own work according to their personal needs and styles. The Corpus provides access to textual models which reflect the reality of specialized language, with meaningful and updated information about language in context.

The system distinguishes different roles: administrators, with access to all the Corpus functionalities; basic users, who can search documents, create subcorpora, feed the Corpus and edit their own data; and privileged users who, besides, can invite other users to participate in the platform. Users should get registered through another user’s invitation or by an administrator’s decision.

Once in the system, depending on the user’s role, different actions can be accomplished:

  • Consult linguistic and terminology data, conceptual information, data on the communicative situation, etc.
  • Introduce documents        
  • Download  documents       
  • Manage and edit documents
  • Edit subcorpus
  • Manage classifications and taxonomies
  • Consult reports
  • Contact and manage invitations

The future comes with plenty of challenges for the GENTT Group. The Corpus is intended to be connected to external applications for linguistic analysis and term extraction, as well as to a system of semi-automatic textual classification, among other functionalities.

JurisGentt and MedGentt platforms

Building upon the GENTT Corpus philosophy, the Group is currently developing two multilingual documentation management platforms designed to meet the requirements of legal (JurisGentt) and medical (MedGentt) translators. These platforms offer these professionals a corpus of genres that are representative of their working field and several linguistic and thematic resources, which facilitate the conceptual and terminological documentation process and the optimal reuse of existing translations. This is the Group’s first experience of transfer of results to the real world through action research.